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Hot air

With the priority of reducing the heat applied to materials as well as operating costs, Phidastien International has given itself the mandate to develop a recirculated hot air drying system for water-based products. Our process involves forcing a large amount of air with variable velocity around heating elements that is distributed evenly over the surface to be dried. By the recirculation process, the system blows on an area of the material with a suction part that reuses the air already heated by the elements. A certain portion of air automatically adjustable according to the level of humidity in the drying chamber will be removed from the process thus forcing a natural supply of fresh air with a certain moisture absorption capacity. Avoid ineffectiveness and inerrant expenses of infrared lamps as well as the risks and costs of gas burners with the affordable, low-operating cost system as there are no life-long parts determined and represents the most energy-efficient technology on the market. Save money, reduce heat transfer to equipment, and shorten the length of material exposure by increasing production speed with H.A.R.D.