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Chill roll

All those who have worked with UV Systems are familiar with the problems associated with the heat emitted by high power lamps. This heat is caused by the emission of Infra Red. It exists and we offer the technology of quartz or pyrex mirrors with coating filtering a certain amount of infrared. This technology is relatively expensive, decreases the efficiency of the UV system and requires a regular replacement with a heat reduction of the order of 10% and less. We offer an innovative idler water cooled roller. This method consists of a substrate driven roller having a thin layer of water in contact within the wall which is in contact with the substrate. The portion in contact with the substrate consists of an aluminum roll with thin air-evacuating lines that could form a cushion between the substrate and the roll facilitating traction at all speeds. Polymerization is therefore done when the material is seated on a cold surface thus eliminating any distortion of the printed material. Adapt your printing machine for heat-sensitive substrate polymerization at low cost and without any modification to the printing machine.