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Since our beginnings, the company has been committed to providing the best quality services at a competitive price. Over the years, we have put a lot of effort into implementing, accomplishing our vision and maintaining high quality on-demand services. Our pursuit of excellence is our primary and unwavering goal.


Installation of high-power LED polymerization system for flexographic curing up to 1000 feet/minute.

Electronic power supply and ventilation process

Typical installations using our electronic power supplies and our sophisticated ventilation control system based on the U.V lamp plasma.

UV housing for 3D polymerization

Design and manufacture of high power polymerization housing for 3-dimensional process.

Installations on conveyors

UV system with automatic monitoring and maintenance of power in Mw for constant polymerization on conveyors.

Integrations on printing presses

Integration of UV housings on most rotary printing machines.
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